Tuesday, October 2, 2012

18th de septiembre

Hola Familia

¿Comó están?

I  hope that everybody had a nice 18th de septiembre, I sure did. On monday, we had a zone activity which was a barbecue in El Campo in Puerto Montt, we played a little of soccer but not too much, we then went back to the house and were kind of lazy becasue we couldn't work unless we had fixed appointments and we had one but that one fell, the next day was a little better, we went down to Frutillar Bajo to the hospital to visit a member whose mother was sick, and then we walked around done there, it was really cloudy though, which isn't that much fun. It started raining so we went back up to Frutillar Alto. The next 3 days were very rainy, some of the most rainy I have seen since I have been here. We still got a handful of citas this week though but our baptism fell becasue she hasn't gotten married yet. Tha'ts kind of discouraging becasue I think everybody that we are teaching isn't married and is living with someone. We are just playing cupid right now. I finally had some empenadas, they are awesome, they have alot with beef in them, the food is awesome and some of the members are so nice.

The past couple of days have been really nice without having to wear my thermals haha, its nice with the sun and so this afternoon we went to Frutillar Bajo again where we could finally see the volcanes really good. 

I Love you all, 

Love Elder Nelson