Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday in the Mission Field

Hello Family!
Wow, what a rainy and wet week it has been.  We have had rain all week and today it is still raining really hard. The attendance in church went down a lot with so much rain and some of the streets have flooded. I have worn my rain gear all the time this week and have been wet but luckily I haven't gotten sick.
We had our last Zone conference with President Rappleye and because we are in Osorno, we did it in the mission home so it was more personal. I am also the only one ending the mission in my zone so I got to share my testimony with everyone and luckily I only cried a little bit. I feel sad with every moment I realize how more and more the end is coming very close.
We spent some time this week with an elder that had some really bad flea bites and one of the bites got infected and his foot swelled up. He ended up in the hospital for about 5 days. We took turns taking care of him and being his companion. That took a little time away from our proselyting schedule but it was worth it.
So, funny story, our mamita has a 19 year old son with down syndrome and another son in the mission in Peru that turned 20 yesterday, so the son that has down syndrome named Memo always bares his testimony in church and yesterday was no different. He gets up and starts singing happy birthday at the pulpit and then bore his testimony, it was so funny and I was cracking up! After that, the 2nd counselor got up and talked about how wrong abortion was and that was his testimony.  It was amazing how the spirit completely left when he started but not when Memo sang happy birthday...  it made my day.
Well, I look forward to seeing everyone in two short weeks and am excited for it. I hope everyone is having a great time, thanks for the birthday wishes. 
Love, Jentry

 Rain, Rain go away!

 some cool graffiti
 Elder in hospital with flea bite infection