Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 days left on June 10th!!!

Dear Family,
Wow!! I can hardly believe that this is my second to last email to write home. Oh! how the time flies here in the mission!!
This week there was so much rain!! There were a couple of places close to the river that have flooded, including a good portion of a little town in the stake called Rio Negro.  It  flooded pretty bad and a lot of homes were destroyed. The church here donated a good bit of money to help with all the flooding problems.
We had a ward conference this week with a good bit of activities, the first was a family home evening of the ward where they talked of being prepared. It was good and there was a good showing of people including some investigators.
On my birthday, I was doing an intercambio in Rio Negro and when I got home the elders from the house here in Rahue Bajo had been waiting with a birthday pie and candles! It was fun! Then we worked like normal but a family that we are teaching, (which are like the cutest old people--she is a member who got baptized like 25 years ago but hasn't been to church in 23 or so years but has come the last 3 Sundays, and he who is an investigator and went to church for the first time) they made me a lemon pie and so we had that on my birthday. It turned out to be a good day, although there was a lot of rain. They are just selfless days always.
In church on Sunday, me and my companion and another elder who plays the violin did a special musical number for the ward conference. We did "Our Savior's Love" and we made a whole bunch of people cry including the member of the Stake Presidency who was about to give a talk. It was really good and they asked me to play in Stake Conference but, I will be busy giving a talk a long way away haha.
Today for p-day we got permision to watch the movie "Frozen" (in Spanish). We watched it as a zone and it was a cute movie.
It is also cool, we have permission to watch the world cups in all the games that Chile plays in this week! It is going to be great! I am way excited. People here are going to be crazy for their futbol, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a South American country during the world cup. They are crazy about it down here. It will be a fun last week.
Well, I hope that all is well and everyone is keeping warm in the states.
I cant wait to see everyone next week.

Love, Elder Nelson

Chile Chile   (0-0-0)  Friday, June 13th  6:00p ET
Australia Australia   (0-0-0)
Venue: Arena Pantanal Cuiaba, Brazil