Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Ballard, Elder Rasband, Elder Gonzales in Chile

Feb 18, 2014
Wow, what a incredible week that we have had, it has probably been one of the best weeks of my mission, it was extremely great weather (today is raining though) and yesterday was the best conference that i have every gone to, it was so great and so spiritually uplifting.
On wednesday, we had cambios so i have come here to the city of Osorno in the zone of Rahue which is great, and i am with a boss of a companion named Elder Smithson from Gilbert, Arizona, he is way cool and we have known each other since the MTC because we started the mission together, he is cool, he also studied in the Air Force academy and is wanting to be a pilot, its great, we get along great.
So on sunday we had a special stake conference where Elder Walter F Gonzalez who is the area president spoke with his wife and with the temple president and matron of the santiago temple, so good. They spoke of three principle points.
1.The inportance of always having a current temple recomend, even if you cant always go
2. Reading the book of mormon as a family always
3. Paying tithing AND OFFERINGS
It was great and i was at the door because we are zone leaders to greet elder gonzalez when he came into the conference which was a great experience.
On Monday morning, we had to go the city of Puerto MOntt super early for a very tiring day, so i was playing the prelude music with some violins and it sounded really good, and the Elder Ballard, Elder Rasband and Elder Gonzales so i stopped the piano and stood then the told me to keep playing but then i had to stop again to go shake their hands which was awesome and Elder Ballard told me that my playing was very good haha, sso when i got done there wasnt a seat around except up on the stage so i decided to go and sit behind all of the general authorities haha, bu it was a great conference, Elder gonzalez was the only one who spoke spanish, the others had a translater but it was awesome to hear them in english.
My favorite quote of the day that i heard was
"I would rather offend man that i would God", that is the reason that we invite everyone to hear the gospel and we dont worry about being rejected.
Just so many other cool things that i couldnt even begin to talk about, just the entire time i felt the spirit, and i loved it.
I hope that everyone takes advantage of the fact that we hvae living day apostles and prophets and seventy, we need to listen to them and do as they say.
I love you all and am so grateful for this sacred time in my life to be a missionary.

Love Elder Nelson