Thursday, February 20, 2014

D&C Countdown 138 sections - 138 days

February 3, 2014
Happy February everyone!
It is starting to look like the summertime here in southern Chile has already ended as it has been really cold here and very rainy all week. Today has been the coldest that it has been in a long time with having to wear a sweater and a jacket. I think it is going to be a very cold winter here but that's alright because I won't be here in the winter.

So, we have been super busy with teaching this week, we found a really great litttle family of four, but it is weird because they are basically the same age that I am, they are 21 and 20 (she was born in the same month that I was born) and have two daughters of 3 and 1 years, they are great, we are going to have to marry them because they aren't married but that hopefully won't be a problem, they have been reading the book of mormon and love the plan of salvation so it will be great to keep teaching them.

I did an intercambio this past week with an Elder from El Salvador, it was great, his name is Elder Quezada and I have known him for a long time as he is from the same group as me, that is one of the things that I love from the mission is getting to know so many people from all over the world. I have friends from Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela etc, it is awesome.

Well, we are still getting really excited and preparing for the visit of the Apostle Ballard in a couple weeks, it is going to be a great experience, we have been focusing alot on inviting people to go and to see him, the only problem is that it is a little away from puerto montt, about 30 minutes by bus outside in the town of Puerto Varas but it is going to be a great experience.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well, on Saturday I started a D&C countdown where I start with seccion 138 and read a section everyday going down haha, crazy how the time flies.

I hope all is well, I love you all.

Love, Elder Nelson