Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rain and Sun

Dear Family,
This has been a really good week with some really weird weather, it has been around 27-30 degrees celcius all week which has been great but so hot.  Today it has been pouring rain all day which has been a little disheartening but it should go away. I guess it isn't southern Chile without a little (or should I say a lot) of rain! I am starting to get accustomed to the pattern of a couple weeks with a lot of sun, and rain for 3 days, and then in the winter time its the opposite with alot of rain and sun (but cold) every 2 weeks.
Well, this Martin Luther King Jr day, I will be doing the exact same thing that I did for Thanksgiving, Presidents day, Memorial day, Labor day and every other holiday that you guys get the day off. All of those holidays don't exist here. The only holidays they have are Christmas, Easter and days to worship all the saints and Maria. That's about it. And actually all those days are celebrated pretty much the same.

So this week, I did an intercambio with an Elder in another part of Puerto Montt, his name is Elder Crotzer, he is from New Mexico. I think this is the first time that I have ever met someone from New Mexico, but it was fun. It's crazy, he ends his mission in September of 2015, that sounds so far away. 

We will be super busy this week.  On Tuesday we have intercambios with the AP`s and on Wednesday we have interviews with President Rappleye.

Oh, another thing super awesome that we are really excited about is we are having a special stake conference on the 16th of February.  A special guest is coming from Salt Lake City to our stake conference here in the Puerto Montt Stake.  It is Elder M. Russell Ballard, it is so aweosme, and there is a chance that I will be singing in a special missionary choir for this event. I am pretty exctied for that and happy to be here in Puerto Montt for this time. 

Well, I hope that all are having a nice winter time, and enjoy MLK day.

Love, Elder Nelson