Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here I go again....My 2nd Missionary Blog

Here I am again, starting another missionary blog for Jentry as he is heading to the Chile Osorno mission.  Of course it's bitter sweet.  It's a mother's greatest joy with lots of tears and fears.
We're getting ready.  It's a one week count down from today til the dreaded MTC drop off.
The Missionary farewell on Sunday was wonderful.  Jentry's talk was awsome!  We had a lot of family and friends to share in the big send off.  A big THANK YOU!! to Jill & Carlos for coming to the rescue when bad weather tried to ruin the day. 
Also, so many traveled a lot of miles and rearranged their schedules to be with us on Sunday and we love and appreciate your support.  It meant so much to Jentry and our family.
So go ahead, bookmark this as a favorite and stop by anytime to read Jentry's missionary updates.
The title of this blog comes directly from the kind letter the mission president sent to Jentry.  He reiterated it 3 times that: "It's Chilly in Chile".  
Grandpa Nelson also referred Jentry to Elder Holland's Oct 2004 talk where he mentioned that "if the saints in Puntarenas (part of Jentry's mission) didn't step up to do their callings then the southern most stake in the world would have to be staffed by penguins".