Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adios Amigo for Two Years!

Well, he's on his way. June 20th finally arrived!  It seemed so far away.
 He was so excited to get going.  Not without nerves, that's for sure. We were able to fit everything into his 2 suitcases and probably couldn't get one more thing in them.
Tuesday night he chose Rodizios for his special dinner before being set apart.  A very special thank you to President Jerry Burton of the Salt Lake Grant Stake and Bishop Urquiti of the Ridgedale Ward for their kindness,  love and support of Jentry and for the wonderful setting apart blessing that was given to Jentry.  It was such a spiritual boost for him.
Wednesday morning he requested Huckleberry pancakes for breakfast (of which mom & Jentry have special memories of fixing and eating together), some very, very teary good-byes to Oscar & Tanner, our 4-legged family members, and then we were headed off to Provo for the 1:10pm curbside drop off!
Knowing that it would be 2 long years without Taco Bell....that was our last stop.
So many of you are wondering how the quick drop off vs. the extended drop off version...
Although still tears among the goodbye's it was oh so much better.  There were a lot of elders there ready to greet the greenies and we were allowed one quick picture.  Then they were whisked off!  We got back in the car and were pointed to the exit and that was that!  It was an emotional day and our thought and prayers are with Jentry and hopefully we'll soon get our first letter!  (Pics to come soon!)