Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making Empenadas

Hola Todos!
Well, since it is starting to warm up for you guys, that can only mean one thing for those that are on the other side of the world, because it sure is cooling down. It's very cold in the morning, and it was a rainy week which never is very fun. I am sure going to miss the warmness, and now I feel bad that I complained about it. I think there is still a little bit of warmth left but it is almost back into the rainy season.

     It's great that you all had a great Valentines day.  It exists here in Chile but nobody celebrates it.  It's more just another day.  I think I saw one sign, and nobody talks about it. Really there are only three holidays in Chile: Christmas, New Years and 18th of September.
     This week, I really saw a great example of how satan tries to tempt and hurt people, we taught a guy last week and then we went back yesterday (Sunday). When we taught him last week, he was really good, opened up and we had a good lesson. This sunday, the first thing he asks was what did I do before the mission.  I told him worked, played, studied and from then on, he starting attacking me and trying to tell me how I studied for the mission to deal with people psychologically, and how he understands me and thinks that I am wasting my time.  The entire time he was only attacking me, but it was weird, because, I didn't think anything he said was true. I saw that satan was trying to hurt me in a way. We ended the lesson and told him that we can only invite you to know, we can't force you, and then did a prayer and left. I was thinking alot about the things that he said, and I really thought, if this bothers me, that is exactly what satan wants.  He wants me to be sad and to affect my work. I thought about it, while we were walking (because it was in the country part of our sector so a little bit of a walk). Is this man happy? No. But I am and that's all I need to know. What a blessing in our lives the gospel, truely a gospel of Happiness if we can live the principles that the gospel teaches.

Well, it is week 2 of only speaking Spanish all the time.  It's sometimes difficult but it really helps with my spanish  and to see the progress. I can understand alot better and I think that I can speak better as well.
    This week, some investigators named Raquel and Jovito invited us to make empenadas de Horno (Baked Empenadas). I'm writing in a ciber while they are baking, it was really fun. I'm excited to make them when I get home.
     Well I love all of you, and I am glad that everyone had a good Valentines day.
Love, Elder Nelson