Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Conference

A street in our sector.
Our Mamita & Papita's house.  We live behind it.
Hello Family!
What a great general conference--so uplifting.  It's like the Super Bowl of the mission. I had the opportunity to watch it in English again. I could watch it in Spanish but I love the voice of the prophet and apostles so I chose to watch it in English. It’s amazing to think that I was there in the conference center at last year's April conference just after I received my endowments.  That is a great memory for me.
I really loved the talk by Elder Craig C. Cardon about Forgiveness. Recently we talked to a less active member and he told us he knows he isn’t doing everything right but he hopes that God will forgive him. Elder Cardon talked about how God will forgive those who are living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also really enjoyed President Monsons talk on obedience. That obedience is following the commandments even when we don’t know WHY. We had two investigators attend the sessions who aren’t ready to get married and I think that that talk was the answer to their problem. We are going to see today as we have a lesson with them tonight. We are just working hard to get these people married. That seems like it will be the common theme always here in Chile for the next year.

It was really cool to see Jaren with Elder Wilhelm and to think that just a few weeks ago I was in a meeting with him and my Mission president. It’s a cool thing to think about the size of this world and the place where we would meet is in the bottom of the world. Also, a big congratulations to the move! It's nice to finally not have to help haha, but I made up for it in entering firewood for 3 hours, so fun. I just want to reaffirm that Oscar can stay in my room until I get there, I have no problems with sharing with that hound. Just hoping that he is still alive next year.

Well, it is just now starting to get really cold.  I am back to wearing thermals not just at night but sometimes during the day as well. As long as its not too rainy were good.

Last night at 5:00am in the morning I heard my companion get up and go to the bathroom and he came back and was shaking and breathing loud.  He asked me for a blessing and I gave him one. I have a hard time speaking spanish when I am tired and almost gave a blessing in English but I did alright. Then he went to the bathroom and came back and was feeling better. He told me this morning that his stomach hurt worse than it had in his life, but during the blessing he felt his bowels loosen and then felt alot better. I sure am glad that I have the opportunity to have the Holy Priesthood. What a blessing in my life and I feel it truly is a blessing and a privledge.

Well I love everyone and I am so excited to be an uncle and to meet little Jentrina. I hope that everything goes well in the next weeks having the baby. We have been teaching a couple who have a little baby girl that has 1 month and I always think about Jeni's little girl.

Take care, I love you all

Elder Nelson